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 Karate / Kung Fu Class

This class is designed for anyone interested in exercise, self-defense training and healthy movement.

The class will begin with self-paced isometrics and movement routines, similar to Yoga or Tai Chi -- building strength and flexibility. We will typically then work on the basics of self-defense. The class will finish with more intense movement or light sparring. As students advance there will be greater focus on internal strength and awareness. You can expect to leave tired, healthier, energized and more confident in your self-defense skills.

What Makes Karate / Kung Fu Unique?

Kung Fu and Self Defense

Class will focus on four aspects of martial arts: Attacks, Defense, Body and Mind. You can expect to learn how to punch & kick, how to defend against attacks in a traditional Kung Fu style, how to stay balanced & centered during movement and how to maintain room awareness & breath. You can also count on some exercise and sweat, but no pressure to go beyond your level of comfort.  All skill levels welcome; from self-defense beginners to martial artists wanting to enhance their skill set.

First form Siu Lim Tao

Demonstrate By Chu Shong Tin

What do we do in Kung FU class?

  • Three Wing Chung Forms

  • Basics of Attack

    • Punches

    • Kicks

  • Basics of Defense

    • Blocks without impact

    • Position & Movement

  • Warrior Body

    • Frame & Foundation

    • Aerobics & Strength

    • Flexibility & Subtlety

  • Warrior Mind

    • Awareness

    • Focus

Chum Kiu Second Form

Biu Gee Third Form

Benefits of Kung Fu:

  • Flexibility

  • Self-Defense

  • Stress Relief

  • Fun Exercise

  • Focus